5 Tips to Create a Strong Password

By Sandeep Bagaitkar

Published: 14 Mar, 2021

In today’s digital world, the security of digital data is of utmost importance. We need to be very careful about our digital footprint and should use strong majors to protect our privacy. Creating a strong password is the first step!

#1 Always choose a Unique and Hard to Guess password and never reuse it.

Never use obvious passwords, like your spouse’s name, your pet’s name or your birthdate, and avoid easy to guess ones like: password or 123456

#2 Try to use a Longer Password

A password should be at least Eight Characters long. Twelve characters is better. More longer password, more difficult to crack. Use upper- and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols.

#3 Make your password Memorable

Try to avoid the random mess of characters in your password. You can try using a long passphrase or sentence that has meaning to you. For example ” I love watching football with buddies” can be used as |1LUvwF00T8@Lw8udd3$”

#4 Misspell it

Misspelling the words or phrases and at the same time adding in symbols or numbers for letters makes it much more difficult to guess. Even simple expressions like “Luv U 2!,”, “M1$$1nGU2%” would give a spin to the password crackers.

#5 Use Password Generators

You can use Password Generators available on the internet which can create really strong passwords which are hard to crack. You can find some browser extensions too which can help you in the process. These generators usually create a vault where you can generate and store the passwords. You have to remember the master password only.


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