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KLiC Tally (with GST)

Now don’t be afraid of Accounting. Because, this Tally course will increase your knowledge about computer world as well as your Accounting knowledge for personal and professional life.

In this course, you will learn many important things related to accounting in a very simple way. Additionally, you will be able to make various reports quickly and precisely. Plus for you and your elders, auditors, bankers and for your tax related work, you can create financial stalk and payroll reports in a least time.

KLiC Tally course will also tell you about the voucher, currency, inventories, GST, excise reports and will guide you to deal with such difficult looking things. So in personal and professional life, you will be able to confidently handle the accounting related responsibilities. This course also teaches about business management and data management in a very easy way.

Accounting with Tally

KLiC Advanced Tally

Welcome to the world of Advanced Tally. This advanced program offers in-depth knowledge about working with Tally.ERP9. The approach is both precise and practical and is supported by lots of real-life examples and case studies.

This is a detailed program for anyone aspiring to become an advanced user of Tally.ERP9. Participants will learn all accounting procedures with respect to VAT, Service Tax, TDS, TCS, Excise, Payroll, Manufacturing, and Industrial Accounting as well as the recording of foreign currency transactions. Various accounting concepts and tax methods have been explained in the context of their application within the Tally software.

Advanced Accounting with Tally

KLiC Advanced Excel

An Excel Expert is a person who collects, organizes, and analyzes data. S/He is also involved in finding, editing, and analyzing data, creating databases, and writing reports with conclusions. There are various techniques of data analysis, which an excel expert must understand in order to perform efficiently.

Data analysis is important as it assists humans in getting an insight of patterns related to business, customer, revenue, etc. Therefore, doing the analysis helps to produce the best results for decision making. The conclusions made by excel experts based on data are very helpful in every organization for forecasting business speculations.


Advanced Excel

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