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KLiC English

This is MKCL’s flagship course with high quality course material which emphasizes on English Communication and blend of Soft Skills. This course offers detailed understanding and hands on experience of not only English Communication but also about the Soft Skills

KLiC ENGLISH Course is perfect combination of English Communication and Soft Skills. In this course the emphasis is not only about learning English but is to make the aspirant speak till the basic level by the end of the course. The Soft Skills part of the course gives catalytic effect and creates perfect blend for this course.

Klic English


This course enhances learner’s job-readiness, social behavior and ultimately the self-confidence.

The types of skills that are covered in KLiC IT viz. 21st Century Daily Life Skills, 21st Century Citizenship Skills, 21st Century Study Skills, and 21st Century Job Skills along with operating system/s, MS Office Tools, LibreOffice Tools, and other useful mobile apps and websites are mapped to the international IT Literacy Standards

IT Skills

KLiC Personality Development

This course has been specially designed for young individuals who want to ensure the attainment of Soft Skills including Communication Skills; leading to or resulting in personal effectiveness at the globally accepted beginner/basic level.

Helping the learner internalize communication skills necessary for job success with exposure to verbal, non-verbal, and written communication in various contextual situations in daily life as well as the skills needed for personal effectiveness for successful job-readiness; with continuous practice and drills through eLearning for ensuring accuracy.


Personality Development

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